Wed, 09 Sep 2020

New API: /recent/feeds

"/api/1.0/recent/feeds" - Pass the unix epoch of the start time with ?since=[unix epoch] and the max count you want with &max=[count].

Example: GET

This call returns the most recent [max] number of feeds that have updated globally across the whole index, in reverse chronological order since [since] timestamp. The update time is based on the publish date of the most recent item, not the publish date in the feed channel itself, since that value is so often unreliable. You can consider this as a sort of "firehose" for the index. Calling this endpoint once per hour would probably give you most of what you need.

Note: If no [max] is specified, the default is 40.
Note: If no [since] is specified, the default is 15 minutes ago.

API Change: /recent/episodes

I've added a new argument to the "/recent/episodes" API call. The argument is called "excludeBlank". If you specify it in the request, like so: "" it will not include results where any of the critical pieces of info are blank - like title, feed image, etc. It's really just cosmetic. But it sure looks strange to have a feed item in your app that doesn't have a title. That's just weird.